Career & Benefits

Career & Benefits

Career Development

ABSI offers outstanding opportunities and projects for career enhancement. To be successful, we believe that we must make this company as attractive to work for as it is to do business with. To accomplish this goal, it is a recurring top priority to ensure that joining ABSI is a smart career move that leads to

1. Enhanced skills
2. Valuable industry connections

Let’s work in the latest technologies. We have projects in technology consulting, quality assurance, business analysis and project management at client-sites across the nation. We also offer managerial, administrative and sales opportunities at our corporate headquarters and satellite locations. Do you want to work in a fast-paced environment with people dedicated to business efficiency and implementation of the latest technology? To begin the hiring process, visit our Current Job Openings page, then use the Contact Us form to upload your résumé and indicate the position(s) you are interested in. Those who join ABSI are joining a team of dedicated professionals with years of experience in their fields. We work with new hires to not only create mutual benefit, but to also transform them into more valuable and talented human resources. In this way, we create a path to success for both employer and employee. Those who have worked with us repeatedly cite their time at ABSI as crucial step toward and pivotal to the accomplishment of their career goals.

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Our Values

Our clients and employees are very important to us. We strive to provide the best, brightest talent and the latest technology to our clients. We support, encourage and openly interact with our team members to ensure we are providing superior service. Working together as a team is what it’s all about.

Benefits for Our Full-Time Employees

At ABSI we want to create an environment where you will want to stay and build your career. From day one, you’ll experience the many advantages of joining our team. We offer a variety of outstanding benefits that help you plan for your future. We offer career-enhancing work assignments and competitive pay. Our goal in doing so is to have a secure and healthy workforce.

Paid Time-Off:

Full-time salaried employees are eligible for two weeks (ten business days) of paid vacation after one year of service, eight holidays (six national and two floating), one sick day and one personal day per year. The paid vacation time accumulates over the course of the year. So, for example, one week of paid vacation will be available after six months of service.


Health Insurance:

Provided by Medical Mutual (MedMutual app through any smartphone or, eligible employees may choose from any (3) traditional PPO Accounts and our vision plan at their time of joining. (These benefits will start on the first day of the month, after a thirty-day waiting period.) Health & vision insurance plans are also available for immediate family members of W-2 full-time employees. The Medical Mutual Insurance has their preferred network nationwide if they are not directly available in any of the 50 states. So we got you covered!

Dental and Vision Insurance:

ABSI offers dental coverage through Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield to our full-time employees and their immediate family members. (These benefits will start on the first day of the month, after a thirty-day waiting period. More details are available through any smartphone search Sydney Health (Anthem & Affiliates)

Disability Insurance:

ABSI provides all full-time employees long term disability insurance through Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield. Benefits begin after 180 days.

Life Insurance:

Our group life insurance by life provides death benefits of up to $50,000.

Retirement Plans:

Our W-2 full-time employees have access to our 401K plan. Contributions are pre-tax and administered by The company offers a full range of investment options from a wide selection of growth, growth-and-income, equity income, balanced, bond and cash-equivalent funds. Full-time employees may enroll and choose from many options including very conservative money market allocation. Employees are eligible to participate immediately upon employment. Please review more details in our enrollment kit which can be obtained from Human Resources Send Email.

Stability of Principal

Assets are invested in conservative investment options that seek - but not necessarily guarantee - to hold the principal value of an investment stable through all market conditions. These options may credit a stated rate of return or minimum periodic interest rate that may vary. Dividend rates and income levels fluctuate with market conditions and are not guaranteed. These investment options, including money market portfolios, are neither insured nor guaranteed by the U.S. government.

4062 Voya Fixed Account  


Assets are invested in fixed income securities that have been determined to be appropriate for their investment goals. Investors here are primarily seeking income or growth of income, with less emphasis on capital appreciation. Funds in this asset class vary greatly in their risk profiles. The issuer, credit quality of the underlying investments, and the average duration of the portfolio play important roles in determining the risk profile of the fund. Fixed-income funds that have significant investments in below-investment-grade bonds ("junk bonds") or bonds of foreign issuers would be categorized as high yield or international bonds. Portfolios consisting of investment-grade corporate bonds, mortgages, government bonds and, to a lesser degree, preferred stock, foreign or convertible bonds typically land in the intermediate-term bond category. Shorter duration and high credit quality funds are typically categorized as short term bonds or short term government funds.

1959 American Funds Capital World Bond Fund® - Class R-6  
3223 DFA Inflation-Protected Securities Portfolio - Inst Class  
6589 PGIM High Yield Fund - Class R6  
0898 Vanguard® Total Bond Market Index Fund - Admiral™ Shares  

Asset Allocation

These funds are also known as "LifeStyle" or "LifeCycle" funds. They invest in a combination of assets such as aggressive stocks, international stocks, large-company stocks, government bonds, foreign bonds or money markets. The allocation percentage to each asset type may be fixed, bounded by a range, or determined at the discretion of the manager. Managers of these funds review market conditions regularly and refine the asset allocation mixture they believe will achieve the best risk-adjusted performance based on the stated objectives and "target" allocations of the particular fund. Different constructs can be based on risk tolerance or length of time to investment goals.

3214 Voya Index Solution 2060 Portfolio - Class Z  
3209 Voya Index Solution 2055 Portfolio - Class Z  
3208 Voya Index Solution 2050 Portfolio - Class Z  
3207 Voya Index Solution 2045 Portfolio - Class Z  
3206 Voya Index Solution 2040 Portfolio - Class Z  
3205 Voya Index Solution 2035 Portfolio - Class Z  
7005 Voya Index Solution 2030 Portfolio - Class Z  
6999 Voya Index Solution 2025 Portfolio - Class Z  
6998 Voya Index Solution 2020 Portfolio - Class Z  
3215 Voya Index Solution Income Portfolio - Class Z  


These funds seek to "balance" growth of principal and current income by investing in a combination of stocks and bonds (generally holding 60-70% equity and 30-40% fixed income). The investment style used here is either moderate allocation or conservative allocation. Some funds have fixed asset allocations and others allow managers discretion to allocate between equities and bonds, depending on their view of return and risk.

7027 American Funds American Balanced Fund® - Class R-6  
1961 American Funds Washington Mutual Investors FundSM-Class R-5  

Large Cap Value

Funds seek long-term growth of capital or a combination of growth and income by investing primarily in stocks of larger, mature companies. The investment styles exhibited are value and "blend." Stocks are selected for price appreciation and for the value of the current income provided through dividends. These funds generally exhibit a lower level of price volatility, due to the types of companies they favor, such as those able to pay dividends along with more older, mature companies.

2323 American Funds Fundamental Investors® - Class R-6  
0899 Vanguard® 500 Index Fund - Admiral™ Shares  
1990 BlackRock Health Sciences Opportunities Portfolio - Class K  

Large Cap Growth

Large cap growth funds invest primarily in stocks of larger U.S. companies employing an investment style of growth. A growth fund invests in the stocks of companies that are growing rapidly. Growth companies tend to reinvest all or most of their profits for research and development rather than pay dividends. Growth funds are focused on generating capital gains rather than income. Funds emphasizing growth stocks will typically have higher price/earnings ratios and make little or no dividend payments. Large capitalization companies tend to be more established, with lower relative volatility, than more aggressive small and mid-cap stock funds.

1949 American Funds AMCAP Fund® - Class R-6  


Small-cap, mid-cap and "specialty" funds are in this category, employing investment styles of growth, value, or a blend of growth and value. These funds seek capital appreciation by investing primarily in stocks of small-and-medium-sized companies. Generally, these companies are striving to develop new products or markets and have above-average earnings growth potential. Because of their smaller size, these companies may face greater business risk, and investments in these funds generally carry a much higher risk than other domestic equity funds. "Specialty" or "sector" funds invest in stocks of companies in a particular industry. This narrow focus can significantly increase the risk and volatility of such funds.

3489 Carillon Eagle Small Cap Growth Fund - Class R-6  
2566 DFA U.S. Targeted Value Portfolio - Institutional Class  
1438 DFA Real Estate Securities Portfolio - Institutional Class  
3833 Neuberger Berman Mid Cap Growth Fund - Class R6 Shares  
0756 Vanguard® Mid-Cap Index Fund - Admiral™ Shares  
0757 Vanguard® Small-Cap Index Fund - Admiral™ Shares  
6975 Virtus Ceredex Mid-Cap Value Equity Fund - Class R6  

Global / International

There are three main types of funds in this category. International funds can have an investment style of Foreign Large Value, Foreign Large Blend, Foreign Large Growth, Foreign Small/Mid Value or Foreign Small/Mid Growth. These funds invest in stocks of companies outside of the United States. Global funds have an investment style of World Stock. These funds invest in stocks of companies in the United States and developed countries outside of the United States. Emerging Markets funds invest in securities of developing countries and demonstrate the greatest volatility of performance due to the unstable nature of their economies, political structures and currencies. International investing may provide greater diversification benefits to a U.S.-based portfolio than investing in domestic securities alone. However, foreign investing does involve additional risks not present in U.S. securities.

1960 American Funds Capital World Growth and Income Fund® - R-6  
3491 American Funds The Income Fund of America® - Class F-1  
9889 American Funds SMALLCAP World Fund® - Class R-4  

More information can be found at Employee participation in these plans is managed by a third party administrator. This convenience allows employees to access their 401K accounts and investment. Please check A retirement savings plan information guide and Enrollment Brochure. Our plan is flexible to add more funds (subject to regulatory & plan requirements) so please discuss if you prefer to bring another fund to the plan. For specific questions related to employee benefit plans, please feel free to contact Human Resources send email or

Our financial advisor (One of 2019 Financial Times "Top Retirement Plan Advisors") Thomas D. Wyatt and his team are always available without any extra fees on the phone or face to face meeting at thomas_wyatt@lfgco.comor twyatt@rwpfirm.comor phone 614-785-5100 or 614-785-6600 x 4133