ABSI has over a decade of experience providing services and support to the transportation industry. From developing cutting edge technology for sophisticated transportation systems to implementing modern logistics systems, ABSI has helped national transportation clients achieve results from the use of advanced technology. Our strategy in delivering solutions for our transportation sector clients is focused on the following:

  • Customer Information Systems
  • Rail Control Centers
  • Scheduling Systems
  • Signal and Train Control Systems
  • Ticket issuing Systems and Fare Collection
  • Smart Cards
  • Improved Customer Service through Web and Mobile Devices
  • High Quality GIS’ (Graphical Information Systems)
  • Flexible Management Information Systems and Enterprise Reporting
  • Integration of Modern Technology with High Value Legacy Assets

The travel and transportation sector is challenged by globalization, consolidation and the need for faster and more flexible supply chains. However, existing supply chains have gotten longer, and fuel costs, capacity issues and security concerns have become greater. Transportation service providers therefore should have a responsive business partner to tackle these challenges. To survive and prosper in a volatile economy, these companies must display a firm commitment to customer satisfaction, operational efficiency and flexibility. With our end-to-end IT solutions for the travel and transportation industry, we can help you realize these high-performance endeavors and help enhance your competitiveness, address core problems and provide superior value.