CRM Solutions

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Our CRM strategy rests on two primary efforts: smart and effective customer discovery and smooth and stable sales process automation. In our experience, this strategy is the most promising for supporting client growth.

Salesforce Consulting

American Business Solutions, Inc. helps clients achieve their business goals using the Salesforce platform. We integrate your Salesforce solution with other applications to improve internal collaboration and efficiency and help you support your customers with connected experiences. We synchronize your customer data through custom integrations.

Our team of developers and administrators have many years of experience building strategic, cost-effective Salesforce integrations, from out of the box connectors to complex real-time solutions.

We are all about cost-effectiveness, close collaboration, and process re-engineering. We take a deep dive into your existing processes and practices, identify your pain points, suggest methods for efficiency gains, and then build a salesforce eco-system that complements your business.