ABSI CMS overview

ABSI CMS is a powerful and versatile Content Management System for production, distribution, deployment and maintenance of internal and external web sites. It is a user-friendly product that greatly simplifies web publishing and administration tasks for the whole organization.

As a platform-independent product, ABSI CMS excels in its flexibility, extensibility and adherence to open standards such as XML and XSLT. It also provides full integration capabilities with a wide variety of data sources.

Where to use ABSI CMS

  • Internet sites – It is vital that a public web site can grow when the traffic increases and that information is correct and updated in an efficient way. Many organizations also need to publish information in different languages, and approving of content before publishing may be a legal obligation. ABSI CMS handles all of these aspects.
  • Intranets – The knowledge of any organization is the collection of the knowledge of its employees. It is therefore essential that everyone can contribute content to the web, and it's equally important that editing and publishing is easy and doesn't require a lot of training. ABSI CMS is an out-of-the-box solution with ready-to-go functionality.
  • Extranets – To be successful you must be able to reach out beyond your organization. Using ABSI CMS gives you total control over access permissions as well as the room to grow when you want to extend the site with personalized content.
  • Tablets and other devices - Be prepared for new innovative devices such as the ABSI. Our hybrid reader solution gives you the benefits of a native application, like App Store presence and hardware access, as well as the ABSI of web technology to control article layout. Eliminate tedious manual work and bring your news effortlessly to all channels.