CRM Solutions

ABSI CRM supports your sales staff throughout the entire sales cycle. Help your staff with everything from cultivating prospects to upselling existing customers. ABSI CRM is designed to guide you efficiently through day-to-day actions like scheduling appointments, setting notifications, writing proposals, sending emails and generating quotes.

Our features are

Integrated Marketing Campaigns
Build integrated marketing campaigns and analyze their effectiveness with ABSI CRM software. Our solution offers intuitive tools for scheduling marketing activities and monitoring leads through the sales cycle. Track campaign effectiveness and sales related to marketing campaigns in order to determine where your marketing dollars are best spent.

Improve Customer Service
ABSI CRM provides dashboards and searches tailored for customer service (Help Desk) representatives. Manage your customers with insight when all related history is readily available. The Customer Service application helps you efficiently track incidents (Service requests), reference Knowledge Base articles and assign and escalate cases.

Cloud or On-Premise CRM
ABSI CRM Software can be deployed on your servers or ours. The decision is left up to what makes the most sense for your business. The best part is you may move from one platform to the other as your business requirements or preferences change.